It’s been a while…

(though that might have been obvious if you looked at the date of my last post)

Maybe you’re wondering WHY it’s been so long. I could give you a few reasons such as I’ve been teaching high school English, I’ve been living in Hawaii, the sun and sand bleached my brain, I’ve been working on some things, etc. All of those reasons are legitimate.

However, the real reason I’ve been radio-silent is that I haven’t known where to go from my previous posts. At about the year-mark post-chemo, I felt like to continue blogging was a good idea, but since all of my previous posts had been about my lymphoma (I did, after all, start the blog for that purpose), when I was healthy and not a lot was new or out of the ordinary on the cancer-front, I simply didn’t know what to write about.

To write about my everyday life seemed a little self-important and mundane (though it’s been a great adventure for me), and to continue writing about my lymphoma when there wasn’t much news about it seemed like I was either milking it or trying too hard to make it fit.

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