“But the LORD has become my fortress, and my God the rock in whom I take refuge” –Psalm 94:22

So, it’s definitely been a while. I looked at the date of the last post–April 5th–and realized that was an obscenely long time ago, so I should probably get on an update! A fair amount has gone on, and the last week or so has been crazy, so I’ll go back and highlight some of the bigger points, starting from where I left off, at Easter.

I went home and got to spend Thursday night through Tuesday morning at home. I realized when home that, though technically I’d been there at two other times in the semester, both were while passing through and for less than 24 hours. So it was nice to rest and relax at home…at least as much as you can when thrown back into the craziness/busyness of home. I actually didn’t sleep a whole lot leading up to Easter, and while I was home I certainly did not catch up, so I was a little beat when I got back. And by “I didn’t sleep a whole lot,” I mean I was getting 7 hours of sleep a night instead of the 9 or 10 that I have so come to look forward to during this semester–the one good side-effect (aside from being able to do my “hair” for nicer events and then let it sit on a stand while I finish my makeup).

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“Your path led through the sea, Your way through the mighty waters, though Your footsteps were not seen” -Psalm 77:19

Wow, that verse pretty much sums up what I’ve been learning through reading The Red Sea Rules. Good one–and what great imagery–that the path often leads through the sea and mighty waters, and God brings us through both, although we don’t always see those footprints next to us as would be our way.

Ok–this is probably going to be a long one–there’s a good amount to update, so buckle up. 🙂

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